The Best Gadgets That You Can Buy On Amazon

Published on 12/22/2021

Gadgets are constantly evolving. It seems like they’re always bringing out something a little smaller, a little bigger, in black, improved sound; among various other feature developments. Sometimes we can be so invested in getting the newest gadget, it doesn’t really matter what it is, we just need it! With events like Christmas speedily approaching, now might be the time to see what is available, especially in the run up to 2022. What is better than starting off the year with a new treat just for yourself? Make it even easier for yourself because this list is exclusive to gadgets on amazon! Yes, your next gadget is simply a click away and shipped next day with ‘Amazon Prime Next Day Delivery’. It literally couldn’t be easier to upgrade. So which gadgets made the cut?


Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods might have been around for a couple of years now, but if you don’t have a pair; it is still something you should place at the top of your priority list. Once you wear AirPods, you will never wear wired headphones ever again. How many times have your wires gotten caught in something, flinging your earphones straight from your ears? How often have you dropped your phone and the headphones drop with it? Even something as simple as going into another room requires you to carry your phone constantly. No pockets? No prospects! AirPods make everything 100X easier. So light you won’t even notice that they’re in your ears; they even have superior sound quality. Coming with a rechargeable case, the battery life is also quite lengthy. They are the most accessible headphone to date and you must go and get a pair as soon as possible! They are available on Amazon for a fair $160.

Skin Care Mini Fridge

Do you have some skin care products that need to be kept in a cool place? Often this can be the case, and it’s not as simple as keeping them next to your groceries in the fridge! This can become somewhat problematic; but we have the ideal solution for you. Here we have a mini-fridge directly dedicated to your skin care products. It won’t take up too much space and it is mightily effective. You can even keep a little snack in here! Each to their own. You can get one on Amazon for $50, not bad eh?

Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S’mores Maker

Perhaps a luxury that won’t impact your day to day life, it might be great for a treat every now and then. Perhaps you don’t have a fireplace outside but have an overwhelming desire to make some s’mores. Worry no more, you can make them in the comfort of your own home with this magnificent invention. You can get this for only $75 on Amazon.

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS+ Cellular

Back to Apple, the Apple Watch is now under the scope. Who knew that watches were meant for more than simply telling the time? With this version you can use GPS, talk to your friends, pay for things, amongst many other cool features! This watch is essentially a tiny computer right on your wrist! Doesn’t this seem too futuristic for this time? Perhaps. Get one on Amazon for only $499.

Rapid Egg Cooker

Speed up your breakfast routine by making perfect eggs in little-to-no time at all. The cooker can hold up to six eggs, so it can feed more than one person per round. Available now for only $25.

Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con

Remember the days when consoles used to be large and clunky, with little battery life? Well those days are certainly gone. Nowadays, all you need is a Nintendo Switch. They are portable, yet they can also connect to the television. They have detachable controllers on the sides, but can also be played with analog sticks attached to the switch console. This product is really the next level of gaming. Take Super Mario to the highest of heights; play with your friends in a variety of settings. You can get this console for only $300 on Amazon. It even comes in a variety of colors now. Did you think it was only in red and blue? Well now you can get a streamlined dark gray version!