The Best Fitness Apps to Get You in Shape in 2015

Published on 05/13/2015

Getting started is often the toughest part of any fitness regime. We all need a little assistance at times, especially when we’re training alone. Thankfully, there are loads of great health and fitness apps that can motivate and coach you towards reaching your fitness goals. We have put together a list of the best apps to get you in shape and keep you healthy in 2015.

Fitness and Strength

Zombies, Run!

What better way to get your ass of the couch than being chased by zombies. Everyone loves a good zombie movie, so why not use them to make to make you run faster? Zombies, Run! is a hugely popular app that turns fitness into a game. You are a runner, evading the zombie apocalypse and trying to achieve goals while you run. The narration runs for 30 minutes per episode and the sound of approaching zombies during each mission is your cue to sprint to save your life. Like any game, there are items to gather and levels to achieve. The makers have released a third version and, of course, there are in app purchases in the form of additional seasons you can buy.

Free – Android, iOS, Windows Phone

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Six Pack Abs

We all want what it says on the box, but most of us only know a handful of ab exercises and we don’t have the discipline to get the job done. Six Pack Abs has 20 core exercises that are supported with instructional videos to ensure you are using correct form at all times. Include a playlist to go with your workout to make sure you stay focused on the target. The full version ($4.99) is the more complete package, you can find pre-set workouts and can choose from 50 different exercises while also creating your own custom workout. Although the range of features in the free edition is limited, 5 bucks is a small price to pay for a six pack.

Free – Android, iOS

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

If you’re travelling for work, don’t want to shell out for a gym membership or you like working at home then this app will suit you. There are 36 exercises to choose from and 13 workouts that incorporate these, also alternately you can create your own. Choose your rest periods, how many circuits you want to complete and even mix in your own music with the workout. You don’t need any equipment and with 7 minute workouts there are now fewer excuses available to stop you from getting into shape.

Free – Android, iOS

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JEFIT is a one stop app for anyone that’s into bodybuilding and strength exercises. There are thousands of routines organized by each body part that include instructions, logs, progress trackers, timers and all of this can synch in with your JEFIT profile. We’ve all been in situations where we need to incorporate some fresh ideas and exercises into our training routine, JEFIT has it all there for you. Whether you are skinny and want to pack on some pounds or you’re looking for a toned butt and mid section the app will have a program for your needs. The free version is great, it just contains some in app adverts.

Free – Android, iOS

Tracking and Analysis Apps


When you are trying to get fit, simple is often better. Moves couldn’t be simpler, as you walk, peddle, run or shuffle your way through the day the app is calculating your calories burnt as you go. The great thing about this pedometer app is that you don’t need to program in any special requirements, goals, diet plans or objectives. You just do your thing and Move calculates how many steps or peddles you’ve taken during your day. Walk to work or take the long way home to make small inroads into your calorie burning targets.

Free – Android, iOS


Fitocracy is the social network fitness app that keeps you motivated to stay on track through rewards and directly ranking yourself against your peers. You can choose routines and then log them to earn points, progress in levels and tick off achievements. All of your results are shared with other Fitocracy users and they can comment on and share your results. The encouragement and peer pressure factor is what makes Fitocracy a winner. If you are doing well you can automatically post updates to Twitter and Facebook too.

Free – Android, iOS

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If you like incentives and shopping, this is probably the fitness app for you. In a smart piece of marketing, the app rewards you for hitting fitness goals with points that can be redeemed with health and fitness retailers. The nice part about EveryMove is that is connects with other fitness apps so that you don’t loose your fitness history – including Nike apps, RunKeeper, MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal to name a few.

Free – Android, iOS

Cyclemeter GPS

The name says it all, but the app has some nice features that separate it from the rest of the GPS based apps out there. The GPS component helps you to map out the routes you take and you can also manage splits, intervals and laps on your trip. A really cool feature is that you have voice control through the earphone remote (so you can keep your hands on the handle bars, where they should be), it’s also equipped with stop detection which pauses the tracker for you.
$4.99 – Available for iOS.

Overall Health

Noom Weight Loss Coach

A great all in one coaching app that not only tracks your food intake but it also has a built in pedometer. You log your meals and workouts while the app dishes out encouragement through daily health articles and recipes. The app has a enormous food database that is loaded with close to a million foods and local restaurants and, although you might already know, the color coded log system teaches you which foods a naughty and which foods are good for you.

Free – Android, iOS

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Having the right diet is 50 percent of the health and fitness equation. Choosing the right foods is hard and we all have supermarket routines that involve getting in and out quickly. Fooducate helps you to know about the nutritional value of a food by scanning the barcode. It tells you the calories and it will also suggest a similar and healthier alternative for you.

Free – Android, iOS

Daily Yoga

Video instructions make everything so much easier, and that couldn’t be more true than with yoga. Daily Yoga serves you up your daily yoga needs in a format that makes it seem just like your own personal class. HD videos with voice over coaching and relaxing backing music make yoga at home quick, fun and easy. There are 45 sessions to choose from that will keep beginner to intermediate level users satisfied with over 300 poses worked in throughout.

Free – Available for iOS and Android.


Recovery and rest are essential ingredients in any training program. Sleepbot monitors just how good your sleep was. Sleepbot logs your sleep times, it can record how well you are sleeping, pick up any disturbances through the night, and the intelligent alarm system will wake you up when you are in your lightest sleep during a 30 minute window before your alarm – ensuring you wake in the least stressful way. You can now see just how well you are sleeping from exercise, work or with a decreased caffeine intake.

Free – Android, iOS